Emergency Health and Medical Support

Emergency Health and Medical Support

Whether it is supplying basic necessities to meet the needs of physicians within the OSU Medical Center and OSU Clinics, or providing informational content and knowledge to rural physicians and educators, many of our fellow Cowboys at OSU Center for Health Sciences are on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are ways you can help OSU-CHS lead Oklahoma in the fight against COVID-19.

OSU-CHS General COVID-19 Fund — This fund is designated for critical and emerging priorities, including personal protective equipment, necessary lab equipment and the immediate and personal needs of frontline health care workers at OSU Medical Center and the OSU Clinics.

Project ECHO General Fund — OSU-CHS is capitalizing on the statewide Project ECHO platform to reach educators, physicians and medical professionals to transfer COVID-19 knowledge to health care professionals and community leaders across the state.

These efforts are requiring scaled-up technology, specialists and support staff resources and time to provide relevant and timely information. General operating support for OSU-CHS ECHO will allow OSU-CHS to nimbly direct private support to help increase the ECHO bandwidth and better serve all Oklahomans.

To learn more about Project ECHO, click here.

There are many other ways that OSU-CHS is leading Oklahoma’s fight against COVID-19. To learn more about how you can support ongoing research and other priorities, click below, or contact Annie Alexander at aalexander@osugiving.com.