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Cowboy Racing 2022

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Cowboy Racing 2022

Cowboy Racing is a Student Organization at Oklahoma State University. Each year we design and build a prototype off-road racing vehicle that we take to SAE competitions and race against other collegiate teams. Our club focuses on three main areas: engineering design, manufacturing and construction, and team management. 

Within our engineering team, there is a lot that happens. The first step is to read and analyze the rules. Next, our engineering team begins conceptualizationchooses the proper specifications, checks their validity through iterative processes, and then uses Computer Aided Design to model the prototypeAll the design work for the project is completed in-house by students.  

The manufacturing and construction is the most expensive portion of our team. Cowboy racing does all the manufacturing in-house. We teach our members how to use every tool in our shop, the basics of milling, and other manufacturing techniques. We also use advanced manufacturing techniques like CNC machining, plasma cutting, waterjet cutting, and more. Through experience, Cowboy Racing hafound that most of our expenses are from metal stock, parts, and safety. 

Lastly, Cowboy Racing tries to teach its members about team management. We try to show all our members each part of the project and how it integrates. We also like to show how to budget, schedule and estimate the cost and time tasks will take so that we are always prepared and ready for the deadline. 

In the past cowboy, racing has been one of the cheapest cars in the competition and has remained competitive. This year we hope to increase our budget, which will allow us to buy software for better design and extra stock to practice our manufacturing techniques. This year's competition is in Washington State, so we have a long way to drive. Some of our funds will be used to pay for travel expenses, allowing more members to join the competition. We are looking to buy better tools and tooling to prevent manufacturing errors and save the team's most crucial resource time. 

We appreciate your consideration to donate to Cowboy Racing and enjoy everything you give. Every dollar will be used with the purpose and help our team grow its knowledge and create a better product and experience for its members. 

Thank you, and Go, Pokes! 

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Thanks For Your Support

This general donation will go towards any and all areas of need across our team. This money will go towards shop materials, tool and part funds, fuel, and any other expenses we come across.


Shop Lunch

With your donation, we can buy lunch for our team during Saturday shop and drive days. We like to provide lunch for our hard-working team members so that we can share lunch together and take a small break from working to build important friendships. There's nothing like a well-earned pizza break after doing some hard work building a car!



We construct a car from scratch each year. Your donation will aid us in acquiring the parts needed to build our new cars and maintain a few of our previous builds. These parts include tubing for the frame, wheels and rims, and our engine of course!



We utilize a plethora of tools while working on the cars, ranging from handheld drills to tubing benders and notchers. Your donation will help us replace and maintain our current tools so we can continue to get hands-on engineering experience!

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