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You’re Invited: Bow Wow Film Festival – March 8th!

February 26, 2018

You’re Invited: Bow Wow Film Festival – March 8th!

Join your favorite pet therapy teams March 8th for the Bow Wow Film Festival at 7 p.m. in the OSU Student Union Theater. Tickets start at $5 and the pups are priceless. The film festival is a national traveling production which strives to “celebrate, educate and inspire all things doggie through the art of short film.”


"I've been getting pup for this all year" - Sophie

"Last year's festival was five out of five moons to howl at" - Chunk

"Worth every single pet" - Hitch

"From the acting to the riveting plot, the Bow Wow Film *SQUIRREL SQUIRREL SQUIRREL*" - Charlie


These short films are the Hooch to your Turner, Toto to your Dorthy, and Scooby to your Shaggy.


We invite every dog lover to come celebrate our furry friends - 100 percent of the proceeds will benefit Pete’s Pet Posse at Oklahoma State University. To learn more and purchase your ticket, visit the Bow Wow Film Fest today!


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