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Help Bullet Racing Build a Formula Competition Car!

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Bullet Racing 2022

Formula SAE

Formula SAE is an international collegiate design competition hosted by SAE International. Teams from around the world compete in an engineering design and management competition to see who can build the best scale formula racecar. Competition features both static and dynamic events, where team members speak to industry professionals about their design decisions and demonstrate their vehicle's abilities. The team builds business, management, and engineering skills by allowing students to run a highly challenging and involved project on many fronts.

Bullet Racing

Oklahoma State's FSAE team first competed in SAE competition in 1997. In addition to our SAE involvement, our team has taken great strides in the use of alternative fuels with the record-setting CNG racecar that is displayed in the Advanced Technology Research Center. The CNG car is well known for it's 24-hour endurance events, in which it holds the current world record of 770 miles.

Currently, our team is working on our competition car for the May 2022 Formula SAE International competition in Michigan. Our team continues to learn so much about engineering, management, and racecar dynamics, and we hope to build our most capable car yet for this competition.

Your Gift

Building a car is no small feat, and it costs a large sum of money. Your gift, no matter the size, is extremely valuable to us in getting this car completed. Our goal is to raise $8,000 to put towards building our car and getting ready for our competition in May. We have many large expenses throughout our season, including our frame, engine, differential, aero supplies, ECU, and many others. Our team is counting on you to help us get this car competition ready!

Thank you for your help and Go Pokes!

From Our Advisor:

"I choose to advise FSAE since uniquely enables our students to gain industry relevant engineering, independent learning, and teamwork experience. FSAE is highly interdisciplinary and can involve a lot of pressure, similar to the corporate world. FSAE alumni are in high demand, including by Zeeco, SpaceX, and many other leading companies. Highly recommended for all OSU students, especially in engineering!"

-Dr. Christian Bach - Bretten, Baden Württemberg, Germany

From Our Members:

“Formula SAE has allowed me to meet lots of great people during my first year on campus, get involved in a fun and useful project, and satisfy my love for cars while at school.”

-Jackson Rose - Mansfield, TX

"Graduate school tends to take a lot from a student usually pushing curriculums and with the general workload from the requirements of a degree. It is organizations like the FSAE that help students have an extra curricular medium for creative expression and pursuing their passions. My passion had been always associated with automobiles despite my specialization in materials science. FSAE had given me an opportunity to get this close to build and drive a formula car. I am a Ph.D. student and working with FSAE not only gives me the exposure but also builds my profile by being a part of it."

-Vamsi Krishna - Andhra Pradesh, India

"FSAE has granted me an excellent opportunity in allowing grow and refine my skill set as an engineer, one that I use daily and will continue to use throughout the duration of my professional career. It has also provided me further skills in hands-on fabrication and mechanical construction, granting me insight as to how projects I design will be created and used. Most importantly, FSAE has introduced me to some of the most unforgettable friends and compatriots with whom I have shared some of the most significant experiences of my life so far, and whose guidance and camaraderie has been an invaluable asset in helping to develop both personally and professionally."

-Holden Kennedy - Tulsa, OK

“Formula has helped me apply knowledge learned in the classroom to a hands on project”

-Caden Noakes - Aiken, SC

“Formula SAE has given me the opportunity to develop and practice my engineering design and application skills, as well as developing professional skills in teamwork necessary for the industry in the career world.”

-Brenden Hardy

"FSAE has given me the opportunity to use my strategic communications skills in a hands on manner. It is a fun and enjoyable experience that is also awesome experience for a future career."

-Hailey Williams - Tulsa, OK

"Formula SAE has taught me how to be prepared for the real world.  Between managing members, learning and teaching necessary skills, and developing engineering talents through unique projects, I have developed an appreciation for engineering and the values in applying correct techniques.  FSAE is an amazing organization that holds real engineering challenges for college students to prepare for engineering positions in their career."

-Weston Gorham - Colleyville, TX

"Bullet Racing is made up of what I believe to be the best engineers at OSU. The grit, soft skills, and management skills developed within the program are unparalleled by any other engineering organization on campus. The group of students within Bullet Racing make it the wonderful place it is - the culture here is unlike any other. Bullet Racing has equipped and prepared me for my future endeavors within the workforce and education, and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities I've been given here.

-Tanner Price - Keller, TX

"Formula has prepared me for the workforce more so than any other college activity I have done. Its a place where I can make mistakes and be able to grow with low pressure. Its a good place to make lifelong friends and meet like minded people."

-Logan Brewer- Rockwall, TX

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Spark Plug

Even the smallest parts on our car can have a large impact on performance, all the way down to the spark plugs!


Shop Day Pizza

We have to stay fueled to stay productive at shop days, so occasionally we need a pizza break!



Tires are consumable, and we're sure to go through a good few during the course of testing and into competition. Hopefully no blowouts though!


Shock Absorber

The suspension is the most critical part of the car, and a fresh shock absorber can make all the difference to the driving performance!


Aero Package

The aero package includes the body work and aerodynamics of the car. It makes the car look cool and go fast. Carbon Fiber!



We love to go fast, and our 636cc Kawasaki ZX6R provides plenty of power for our lightweight racers!

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