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Thanks to all our loyal fans for the more than 26 gifts to Cowgirl Equestrian!

Cowgirl Equestrian


About the Team

Welcome to another exciting year for Cowgirl Equestrian! The girls are really coming together in preparation to make another run at the Big 12 and NCEA Championships. In addition to the team’s successes in the arena, I would like all to know that our fall semester grades were again very impressive! Thirteen of our team members received a 4.0 and there were 17 others that had a 3.5 GPA or higher. That means more than half of our 50 member roster had a 3.5 or above, contributing to an overall team average of 3.46. I must say, we are very proud of our team.​


Construction Updates

Phase Two of the Equestrian Facility Expansion Project is progressing nicely and we could not be happier with the prospect of what our facilities will be once complete. The 130’X275’ covered arena is nearing completion as well as the Pipe and Cable Fence for all our pastures and paddocks.  We have also added 12 new shelters for our horses and a new hay barn.

Again, we want to thank Stefanie & Tom Atherton, Jessica & Phil Faubert, Terri & Rick Pedigo, Kaye & John Hull, Malinda & Steve Webb, Margie & Brad Shultz, Lori & Mark Collins and Julie & Dan Chamberland for going above and beyond in their support of this project. Our facility improvements are a huge success because of the loyal support of our donors.


We Need Your Help

We have made a lot of much-needed improvements, however, we still need to raise additional financial support to finish this construction project.  The items not included in the original Phase Two budget are the Riding Surface, Arena Railing, and the Wind Screens.  The Wind Screens will go on the north side of the arena and not only protect the team from the cold Oklahoma winter wind, but will also serve as an incredible entryway to our facility.  Try and envision billboard-sized color photos printed on each screen of 11 of our past OSU Equestrian All Americans. We are in need of $75,000- $80,000 to complete the project and could use your financial gift, no matter how big or small.  


We continue to need your support to see these additional projects become a reality. If you would like to help, no matter how big or small, please do not hesitate to make a gift through our PhilanthroPete or contact us directly at (405) 612-5126 or