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Fall 2022 - Eng W/O Borders - Clean Water Pipeline in Guatemala

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Engineers Without Borders - Clean Water Pipeline in Guatemala

Clean water, a roof over your head, sanitation, sustainable agriculture-- these are just a few things we take for granted. The Oklahoma State chapter of Engineers Without Borders harnesses the skills for engineers to tackle these challenges and make these basic needs a reality for developing communities.


The Oklahoma State chapter of Engineers Without Borders (OSU-EWB) is part of the national EWB-USA organization, a non-profit organization with the goal of  building a better world through engineering solutions to problems that keep the world's poorest people from living healthy, productive lives. Our chapter is a partnership of students and faculty that consists of not only all engineering disciplines, but a range of majors offered through OSU. What unites us all is a desire of providing sustainable solutions to improve the quality of life in developing nations by creating real solutions for real problems that include drinking water, sanitation, energy, education, and healthcare facilities.


Our chapter has two goals: providing sustainable solutions for the problems developing communities face and professional growth of our members.

OSU-EWB completed our five year partnership with the community of Plan de Avila, Guatemala in 2018. During this time period, our international team designed, tested, installed, and repaired a rainwater catchment and filtration system for two different areas in the community.

We also value professional development of our members. We accomplish this is many ways including networking tailgates, travel to the National EWB-USA Conference, and guest speakers from various companies.

Check out the updates tab to learn more about these goals in detail throughout the campaign!


Our chapter has taken on the task of building a clean water conduction pipeline and the accompanying faucets for the El Rancho Community in Guatemala. This will consist of building an over 6 kilometer pipeline from a newly drilled water well, to the village. At the village, we will be servicing over 60 households and 370 individuals. This project will consist of three trips to Guatemala over three years. During our trips, we will work with the community to develop a culture of water safety through bacterial education and training. The old parable of "If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime" rings true with all things EWB does. Keeping with that, our pipeline is designed to use materials available locally to the community. This, combined with technical operations training, ensures that the community is able to self-sufficiently maintain their system. Our upcoming trip will seek to implement designs that have been over two years in the making. Our chapter is planning to send seven passionate and knowledgeable members to put our work into action.


Our chapter has been in communication with the El Rancho community for nearly three years now. Since the beginning, our promise has been to bring the community, clean and potable water. Unfortunately, this has been put on hold due to travel restrictions. For the first time in the life of this project our chapter has been able to travel. As a student organization, we rely on the good will of other to travel abroad. Our current project is expected to cost approximately $16,000 in material alone. This excludes the cost of the plane tickets, student lodging, in-country transportation, and other support operations. We are hoping that, through sharing who we are and what we do, we will be able to reach our $10,000 goal to fund our international trip which is scheduled to take place in the spring of 2023.


Throughout the duration of this PhilanthroPete Campaign, our team will be releasing updates on the progress of the campaign, as well as more information about our chapter, our projects, and the people behind everything! Keep an eye out for those!

Feel free to get in contact with us as well! Email us at any time!

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28 Children Impacted

28 children will be impacted by the implementation of this project! Because of your generosity, these children will have safe and clean drinking water


200m of Pipeline

With $110, we can purchase approximately 200m of PVC pipeline! Our entire international project will use a little under 10,000m of pipe! Every little bit counts


380 People Impacted

380 people are getting access to clean water because of this pipeline! Every bit of your donation will go towards the designing and implementation of the pipeline!


1,000m of Pipeline

With $500, we can purchase approximately 500m of PVC Pipeline! Our entire international project will use a little under 10,000m of pipe! Every little bit counts


Pipeline Ball Valves

There will be water fill stations at 60 different locations along the pipeline, each of these stations will require a ball valve to release the pipeline water.


Student International Travel

For our spring implementation trip, it costs $890 per student to send them to Guatemala for a week (excluding plane tickets). This is one of our most significant expenses annually!


Pipeline Fittings

Our pipeline will need accessories such as couplings, pressure regulators, and ball valves!


Portion of Labor Costs

Since our pipeline is over 6 miles long, we are going to need a lot of in-country help during implementation! With $2,000, we can cover nearly half of our entire projects labor costs


Full Labor Cost

Our pipeline will be over 6miles long! Implementing this pipeline will require a lot of manual labor. $4000 will cover all of those costs!

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