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Fall 2023 - OSU Turf Bowl Competition

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OSU Turf Club

Our Purpose

The Oklahoma State University Turf Club stands as a vibrant community of passionate individuals, all driven by a shared enthusiasm for turfgrass management. Within this dynamic group, students unite to foster their knowledge and skills, creating an environment where learning thrives and excellence is pursued.

One of the club's most notable achievements is its active participation in the annual Turf Bowl competition. Here, members showcase their extensive knowledge, honed skills, and dedication to the craft, competing at a national level. Their consistent excellence not only underscores their commitment to academic and professional growth but also elevates the reputation of the university in the turfgrass management community.

Beyond the classroom and competitions, the club demonstrates its commitment to service by volunteering at PGA events. Through our hands-on involvement, we contribute significantly to the flawless turf conditions essential for these high-profile golf tournaments. This real-world experience not only hones our skills but also solidifies our understanding of the industry's demands, preparing us for future success in the field.

Additionally, the Turf Club actively engages in university life, enthusiastically participating in homecoming activities. Our creativity and team spirit shine during these events, adding to the campus's vibrant atmosphere. Through our involvement, we foster a sense of community and pride within the university, leaving a lasting impact on fellow students, faculty, and alumni.

One of the club's most valuable initiatives is its dedication to supporting fellow students in their professional journeys. Through mentorship programs, networking events, and career guidance sessions, we help peers secure internships and establish professional connections. By providing these resources, the Turf Club plays a pivotal role in shaping successful futures for aspiring turfgrass managers, enhancing their educational experience and ensuring a smooth transition into the workforce.

In summary, the Oklahoma State University Turf Club embodies excellence, service, and community. Through our achievements in the Turf Bowl competition, volunteer work at PGA events, active participation in homecoming activities, and unwavering support for our peers, we not only enrich our own education but also contribute significantly to the university's legacy of excellence and camaraderie. Our efforts create a positive ripple effect, benefiting not just the club members but the entire university community and the broader turfgrass management industry.

Why we are asking for your help

The Oklahoma State University Turf Club is seeking support to send its talented teams to the prestigious Golf Course Superintendents Association of America conference in Phoenix, AZ. Our dedicated students will be competing in the Turf Bowl, representing our university against colleges nationwide. We aim to raise funds to cover essential expenses such as travel, housing, and food, ensuring our teams can focus on the competition without financial burdens. Your contribution will empower these aspiring turfgrass professionals and enhance our university's reputation in the field. Join us in nurturing the future of turf management!

Thank you for your time and consideration 

Thank you for taking the time to learn about the purpose and mission of our Turf Club, as well as our reasons for seeking funding and support. Your interest means the world to us. With your support, we can continue nurturing aspiring turfgrass managers, fostering knowledge, and making a difference in our community. We appreciate your consideration and look forward to making our shared vision a reality, thanks to supporters like you!

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The Roots

In 1977 the Turf Club established itself on campus and has grown into what it is today.


Sod Farms in OK

In Oklahoma, there is a total of 48 different sod farms across the state.


Golf Courses in OK

As of 2023, there is a total of 119 golf courses in Oklahoma (with Karsten Creek being the best obviously).


Plane Ticket to Turf Bowl

The annual Turf Bowl competition is being held in Phoenix, AZ this year. By donating at this level you will be paving the way for a hard-working student to have their plane ticket covered in full for this conference. As a thank you for your generosity in this donation, the club will invite you to join them for an end-of-year send-off at the OSU Turf Research Center.


Average Cost Per Student

With your donation at this level, you will be covering the average total cost for a student to compete in the annual Turf Bowl competition. These expenses include travel, housing, and food. As a thank you for your generosity in this donation, the club will invite you to join them for an end-of-year send-off at the OSU Turf Research Center.


Team Cost

On average the club spends $4,000 per team sent to the GCSAA conference annually. With your donation at this level, you will be fully supporting a full team of 4 students to be sent to the conference in hopes of beating other competing colleges in the Turf Bowl. As a thank you for your generosity in this donation, the club will invite you to join them for an end-of-year send-off at the OSU Turf Research Center.

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