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ELA - Who We Are & How You Can Help

The Emerging Leaders Alliance is a freshmen-led organization within the College of Education and Human Sciences striving to cultivate leadership skills, forge meaningful connections, and make an impactful difference in our community. Our group is composed of committed and driven students who are dedicated to personal growth while making a positive impact on the lives of others. Sponsors play a crucial role in supporting our organization’s missions of service, leadership development, and community engagement, and we greatly appreciate your support!

    At the heart of our organization is a commitment to developing our leadership capabilities. As freshmen, we understand the importance of refining these skills early on to become successful leaders in both our academic and professional lives. Using your support, we would be able to fund leadership training programs and workshops for members of our organization. This would greatly influence our group to lead with confidence and adaptability to prepare for all of the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. 

    Beyond individual growth, we recognize the power that community and collaboration have within our organization. By connecting with like-minded peers within our college, we strive to create a supportive network that encourages leadership, teamwork, and long-lasting bonds. Together, we share ideas, experiences, and aspirations, strengthening our collective goal to have a positive impact on individuals and our community. With your support, we would have the ability to plan unique and unforgettable team bonding activities to create an even stronger sense of community within our organization. 

    One of our central missions as an organization is our commitment to serving our community; this semester, our main focus is on the foster and elder care systems. Through your help and support, we would have sufficient funds to promote and participate in service projects within these communities. By donating to our organization, you would be directly contributing to the enhancement of our group, expansion of our outreach, and meaningful impact on the lives of others.

 We thank you for your support & Go Pokes!

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