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Who are we?

The OSU Crops Team has a legacy of nearly 100 years. Competitive teams throughout the University provide skills and knowledge that students carry throughout their careers. The Crops Team is very hands-on and teaches students various aspects, from classing grain samples according to USDA guidelines to calculating stocking rates based on pasture conditions. The team travels to various contests throughout the year, and we try to cover most travel and food costs for all students so that money is never a limiting reason for a student to attend. For many students, this may be their first experience traveling out of the state of Oklahoma or their first time participating in a national contest. 

What are we raising funds for? 

The team is traveling to Twin Falls, Idaho, this spring for a competitive academic contest. As the team prepares, we are seeking funding to offset the trip cost for the six competing students. Students will compete against students from agricultural schools across the United States. This is always an excellent experience for students to see agricultural operations in a different region and gain new knowledge regarding that production system. This contest also allows students to gain lasting connections with their peers that will become colleagues as they progress into their future careers. 

The funds raised allow students to gain these lifelong experiences without adding additional financial burden to their semester. 

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Thank you for supporting the OSU Crops Team. We look forward to updating you as the students compete. 

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10% Moisture

Canola should be harvested at 10% moisture. As we prepare to travel to Idaho this spring, it is important to note that Idaho is in the top 5 producers of Canola in the U.S.


A peck of potatoes

As the team travels to Twin Falls, ID. We wanted to showcase one of the top commodities in Idaho.


Where it all began

The OSU Crops Team began in the 1920s. This team helped train students into grain graders who would then work for various ports and other grain selling and trading locations.


A bushel of barley

Another main crop in Idaho is Barley, a bushel of barley is 48 lbs. Idaho is the #1 Barley-producing state in the U.S. We can't wait to travel to Twin Falls, ID with the OSU Crops Team.


A bushel of wheat

Since a bushel of wheat is 60 lbs, we wanted this level to represent one of the most iconic grain crops grown in the state of Oklahoma.



A hundredweight (cwt) is a standard unit of measurement for some crops.


Triple Nickle

Triple Nickle or Delta Pine 555 was a standout cotton variety for many years. This is the average airfare cost for Crops Team members traveling to Twin Falls, ID.


1 ton

A ton is 2000 lbs, so this level is showing a "ton" of support for the OSU Crops Team.

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