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Roundnet Club

After a couple years of being inactive, the OSU Roundnet Club was brought back to campus in the Spring of 2023. Roundnet, the sport of Spikeball, involves four people split into pairs hitting a small ball between one pair a maximum of three times before hitting the ball onto the net to pass it to the other pair. As a newer club, OSU Roundnet does not have the funds to afford the things it needs to grow and fluorish.

OSU Roundnet Club's current priorities are equipment and travel. Membership is increasing, however the club cannot afford the nets, Spikeballs, uniforms, etc. that it needs to support more members. For instance, one net costs $100. Furthermore, the equipment the club currently has is wearing down. With donor support, OSU Roundnet can invest in new and better equipment - improving the overall playing experience for club members. Additionally, the club would like to travel to tournaments, yet it is blocked by fees including hotel, gas, etc. Donor funds would alleviate these financial travel burdens, so members can attend these tournaments focusing only on their game and OSU Roundnet can get its name out there.

The club would also like to host tournaments and clinics here in Stillwater. Tournaments require OSU Roundnet to buy spray paint for fields, even more equipment, water/food, etc. Bringing in experienced players and coaches to teach members also comes with a fee. Support from donors would allow OSU Roundnet to give members these opportunities to improve their skills and develop a deeper passion for the sport of Roundnet.

OSU Roundnet's main goal is to grow the Roundnet community. With donor funds, the club could overcome the financial barriers listed above and ensure OSU Roundnet's growth and sustainability for years to come.

Thank you for supporting OSU Roundnet!

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Pro Net Spare Parts

Since Pro Spikeball nets are made out of plastic, these nets will break easier when someone steps or lands on a net during practice or during a tournament. With more spares, we will be able to replace parts when these things happen rather than waiting for them to be shipped.


10 Pro Ball's

The ball's we use at every practice and tournament are the Pro Spikeball's. These are a different feel from the other variants that Spikeball makes. Having more of these will help use get the right feel and the best practice we need.


Pro Spikeball Net

These are the primary nets we use during tournaments and practices. More pro nets will help club members play on new and stable nets. Having more pro nets will also help when hosting a tournament and not having to use club members or nets from other universities.


Club Starter Pro Bundle

This bundle from Spikeball comes with 3 pro nets and 10 pro balls.


Traveling Package

Traveling is one of the biggest expenses we have in club since everyone has to cover their own rather than the club being able to help. On average, the tournaments we drive to are around 4 hours away. Since they are further, it's hard for us to make it a day trip which we then have to get an Airbnb.



With 2024 being our second year as an active club, our goals will only keep getting bigger and more challenging to achieve. Having a strong start for this semester and next fall will make the goals we want to achieve easier.


The Future for OSU Roundnet

As we focus on achieving the goals we have now, we also look at what our future goals are. With this donation, it will help this club keep moving forward for years to come.

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