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New Club Wake Boat

We currently have a Moomba Boat, which has been an awesome boat and we are beyond grateful for it. However, this boat is approaching the end of its life. With the amount of hours we put on the boat, we will have some serious maintenance costs coming up shortly if we do not get into a new boat. The reason for getting a new boat instead of just fixing the Moomba, is that a new boat will have everything under warranty so we will not have to worry about the maintenance costs. This boat will also be much more reliable and we will not have to worry about the new boat dying on us. We recently got a quote to fix all of the things that are wrong with the Moomba, and that price came out to more than the boat is worth. Therefore, financially we will be driving the club into the ground due to the maintenance costs. This also prohibits our members from practicing due to the boat being out of commission for repairs.  

Choose a giving level


Individual Gas

Every time the boat goes out, the gas gets divided up by however many people decide to ride for that set. For example, if 5 people rode that day and boat gas was $50, each Rider owes $10.


Annual Parking Pass

Lake Carl Blackwell makes the club pay for parking per vehicle.


Life Jacket

The club needs new life jackets to make sure we are staying safe out on the water.



We need a variety of sizes for wetsuits. We currently have a one size fits all, but most people end up buying their own. The current one we have also has a couple of holes, so it is not very warm.


Full Tank of Boat Gas

This is roughly the price of filling up a full tank of gas for the Moomba.



This is an average price for new bindings. (Bindings are the boots that screw into a wakeboard)



This is the price of a new wakeboard, not including the bindings.


Surf board

New club surfboard. The club board has been passed down for many years, so it is very rough and needs replacement.


Boat Maintance

This can be a variety of all sorts of different things. For example, recarpeting bunkers on the trailer, new trailer brakes, or servicing the engine.


New Boat Cover

Our current Boat cover is on its last leg. Since we go out twice a day, this cover gets used a lot more than most boat covers. We are constantly opening it and stretching it back down since we go out up to 14 times a week. We have quite a few seams about to bust.


New Seadek Flooring

This is the soft flooring that is on the floor of most modern boats instead of the traditional carpet. It is also on the back swim platform since it is nonslip material.


Engine Overhaul

Our 2019 Moomba currently has 1000+ hours on it. This is a lot for any boat. Even though we take great care of the current motor, it could go at any moment. That would force the club to be without a boat for quite a long time.


New Axis Wakeboat!!

This is the amount needed to purchase the new AXIS A225.

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