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Fall 2017 - Help Cowboy Rocketworks Reach New Heights

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Fall 2017 - Help Cowboy Rocketworks Reach New Heights

Why We Need Your Help

OSU’s High-Power Rocketry Team was founded with the intent to provide an opportunity to students that is not found anywhere else on campus. Our dream is to provide OSU students the opportunity to build their own rocket and certify to launch rockets nationally. To aid in that dream, we are asking your help to ensure every student who joins Cowboy Rocketworks gets the unique opportunity to build their our high-power rocket. 

Once we have every member certified, we need additional support to allow those students to design, build and test high-power rockets for competitions in the spring and summer! In April, we will be returning to the Argonia Cup to defend our title as 2017 champions and in the summer we will be competing in the Spaceport America Cup.

Choose a giving level


1,000 Feet

Most Level 1 certification attempts reach an altitude of 1,000ft! Your gift will help cover the cost of epoxy, mixing cups, sandpaper, and other materials for the construction of our rockets.


2,500 Feet

A typical Level 2 certification will reach an altitude of 2,500ft! Your gift will contribute to the purchase of composite airframe materials.


5,000 Feet

5,000ft is the typical altitude for a test flight leading up to the Spaceport America Cup. For every $50, we can pay for one more registration fee to send a team member to the Spaceport America Cup competition!


8,000 Feet

The Argonia Cup requires a minimum altitude of 8,000ft. Your gift of $80 will cover the cost of a typical altimeter, allowing pre-programmed chute deployment. The altimeters serve as our official altitude reading for the Argonia Cup, as well as any other flight.


10,000 Feet

For the Spaceport America Cup, we aim to reach an altitude of 10,000ft! Your gift of $100 covers the cost of one night in a hotel for our members throughout the competition.


15,000 Feet

$150 is the average cost of a new member certification kit. This gift will be used towards fuel and travel costs for the Spaceport America Cup.


25,000 Feet

Cowboy Rocketworks is developing a 2-stage flight that were are designing to reach 25,000ft! $250 is the cost associated with a full-scale test flights. Your contribution will assist us in our ability to test our rockets prior to the competition.


50,000 Feet

50,000ft is the airspace Cowboy Rocketworks will be flying into on high altitude, maximum performance fights in the coming years! $500 is the cost of the most powerful rocket motors we would be using and is also the single rocket registration fee at the Spaceport America Cup.

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